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Flexeril or Cyclobenzaprine is a medicine used for the treatment of muscle spasms in case of musculoskeletal conditions. The medication is available in a dosing strength of 10 mg for oral administration. Buy Flexeril 10mg online as a short-term medication only for two to three weeks of use. 

The medication got approved for medical use in 1977 in the United States. Flexeril 10mg pills also come as a generic medicine under the name Cyclobenzaprine.

What are the uses of Flexeril?

Buy Flexeril 10mg online to help treat muscle spasms, in combination with rest and physical therapy. The medication treats pain and spasms caused due to skeletal muscle conditions. After the patient has an injury, they have muscle spasms to stabilize the affected part of the body, increasing pain to prevent further damage. The medication helps treat such muscle spasms caused due to painful and acute musculoskeletal conditions.

Flexeril pills decrease the pain within the first two weeks of use and reach the peak effects in the first couple of days. However, no studies prove its effectiveness and efficacy beyond two to three weeks of use.

What are the frequent side effects of Flexeril 10mg pills?

The medication is generally safe and does not cause any severe side effects when you take it at recommended doses. The most frequently occurring Flexeril 10mg side effects include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness

Dry mouth and drowsiness intensify with increased dose. Flexeril sedative effects are likely due to its antagonist effects on serotonin, histamine, and muscarinic receptors.

Elderly patients taking Flexeril 10mg tablets are most likely to have agitation. Experts believe that older adults should avoid taking the medication to cause delirium, confusion, and cognitive impairment. 

What are the symptoms of Flexeril overdose?

Taking too much medication or taking Flexeril pills with some other abusable substances can cause an overdose. The most commonly reported symptoms of Flexeril overdose include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Tachycardia

Other rare and potentially dangerous overdose symptoms include abnormal heart rhythms, cardiac arrest, seizures, severe low blood pressure, and neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

Life-threatening Flexeril 10mg overdose is very rare; however, potential harm increases when people take the medication in combination with some other central nervous system depressants or antidepressants. People often overdose Flexeril deliberately with alcohol.

What medications and substances interact with Flexeril 10mh tablets?

Flexeril 10mg has major contraindications with MAO inhibitors (monoamine oxidase inhibitors). Also, there is a risk of increased serotonin levels when the patient takes Flexeril pills with serotonergic medicines such as phenelzine or duloxetine.

The medications and substance that interact with Flexeril pills include:

  • Central nervous system depressants such as carbamates, alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opioids, nonbenzodiazepines, major tranquilizers, and phenothiazines
  • MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitors used within two weeks of Flexeril may result in severe side effects.
  • Flexeril 10mg use may affect medicines used in surgical sedation; hence most surgeons recommend patients discontinue using Flexeril 10mg pills a few days before the surgery.

How Flexeril works?

Flexeril is a halfway acting muscle relaxant. Cyclobenzaprine is a 5-HT2 receptor adversary; it diminishes muscle fit through activity on the brain stem’s central nervous system, instead of focusing on the fringe sensory system or muscles themselves.

Flexeril 10mg pills contain Cyclobenzaprine, which has an oral bioavailability of about 55%, and roughly 93% is bound to plasma proteins. The medication’s half-existence is 18 hours, and it has plasma freedom of 0.7 liters each moment.

What are the precautions of using Flexeril 10mg pills?

Follow the following precautions after you start taking Flexeril 10mg pills:

  • Do not do any mental alertness work or lift any heft machinery after taking the medication as Flexeril 10mg tablets can produce drowsiness and cognitive impairment.
  • Older adults should use the medication cautiously only when prescribed by a certified healthcare professional as they are more prone to its side effects.

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